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Re: SE Grassroots Effort at Change (WAS: Field welding)

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Um, would that not be virtually all projects?

After all, if a beam is not installed correctly/connected properly and I
am standing undering when it fails, is not my life potentially at risk?
And do not virtually ALL structures that are inhabited have some
potentially "dangerous" things that could collapse/fall/fail (for what
ever reason...extreme load, poor design, poor construction, etc) and cause
serious bodily harm if not risk the inhabitants' lives?

Maybe that was your point...but if so, then I would think the statement
would be something like: "S.E.s ought to require observation and/or
inspection on all projects or refuse the work."


Adrian, MI

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> S.E.s ought to begin to REFUSE to do projects of the type where (1)
> there are life-safety issues involved with critical components like
> connections, proper installation, etc., and (2) the Owner will not allow
> Observation (if not outright inspection) by the SEOR.

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