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Re: Bill Polhemus

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Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

I have been receiving the SEAINT List in digest format for the past couple of months since I left on vacation. I see we are back to the same mud-slinging

Tough about the mud-slinging. Folks in New Orleans have a LOT more mud they've got to sling (and I guess I'll get to "sling" my share next weekend as well).

This issue should NEVER have been politicized as it has been by the Left. They are despicable and without principle ONE, in so doing. It's not that I'm surprised, it's just that I can't take stuff like this lying down any more.

And I don't consider I'm "defending" George W. Bush--a president for whom I have ambivalent feelings at best, but whom I consider basically an honest guy.

Rather, I'm defending FEDERALISM, which concept is all but lost on even many adults in our day.

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