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Re: SE Grassroots Effort at Change (WAS: Field welding)

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On Sep 9, 2005, at 1:49 PM, Neil Moore wrote:

Part of the problem was that the mast was made of "spun" steel and had a yield around 130 ksi.  (Probably Stressproof).  No one checked the chemistry.
You don't need to check chemistry with 'Stressproof.' The trade name means 'not weldable.' You can melt the edges and they'll stick for a while, but it only takes a few load cycles to unstick them. I used to get the 'we weld it all the time and we've never had any problems' argument, which was true only if a problem means something that happens before shipping.

Within about two weeks, I was working in another S.F. office and my old employer is no longer in business.
That happens to us troublemakers, doesn't it?

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