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Re: Bill Polhemus

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Dennis S. Wish, PE wrote:

Is President Bush to blame for the flooding in New Orlean[s]...? [H]is responsibility lies with constantly cutting the budget that was requested by the Army Corp of Engineers to approximately 1/3 of what was needed to make the upgrades to the Lake Pontchartain project. This is a one line synopsis of a one page document that Analyzes the ad or claim that Bush is responsible.

This is a BULLSHIT case in point!

Were the levees constructed in 2001? Or is the REAL FACT (FACTCHECK.ORG, a known Leftist redoubt, notwithstanding) that the Levees have been there for nearly a hundred years, and that the State of Louisiana has received MULTIPLE TENS OF BILLIONS of Federal money (that's you and ME, folks, not just LA residents) over these decades, and they have chosen to spend just a tiny portion on public works projects connected to flood control in New Orleans?

The answer is "yes, it's true, the corrupt criminal enterprise known as the Democrat Party of the State of Louisiana which has run that state since Reconstruction, has chosen to do NOTHING on their own dime--or even the Feds'--to see to their obligations."

You start looking from the CORRECT DIRECTION--again, undestanding what "Federalism" is and how it works--and you MIGHT, JUST MIGHT, be able to extricate head from *** long enough to see daylight.

This is what p*sses me off royal: There is a basic ASSUMPTION that "oh, the Bush administration is evil because we don't like them (mainly cause they ain't us), and so we KNOW that we'll find something if we look hard enough!"

And in the meantime the 900 pound gorilla just sits there, grinning and eating bananas, and no one in the MSM, or sympathetic to Leftist causes, will so much as glance its way.

LOUSIANA IS CORRUPT and always has been! The chickens of over a hundred years are coming home to roost, and all YOU ON THE LEFT can do is gape in mock horror at the EVILLLLLL Bushies! (And you just KNOW that Halliburton had something to do with it, too...)


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