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Re: Field welding

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

If I used your logic, then you should be ALL for "corporate reform"
In the first place, "Corporations" don't have the power to take away my livelihood, tax me into nonexistance, forcibly take my children and indoctrinate them into their peculiar (and warped) philosophy of life, make sure that my teenage daughter is "free" from having to consult me in the unhappy event she should become pregnant out of wedlock, force me to spend money on ridiculous and (to put it nicely) spurious economic, environmental and social policies, and appoint judges over me to make sure that I do these things on pain of imprisonment.

"Corporations" don't take my home to turn it into a shopping mall on the pretext that it is more "for the public good." That is, they only do so in collusion with GOVERNMENT. And the Flying Monkeys of Government these days, I might add, are ATTORNEYS.

In short, p*ss on corporations for all the "fear" they put into me.

The government has the power to DESTROY me unless I and other like-minded individuals cut it down to size, again and again and again.

You see what "dependence" on government can do for you: Those poor wretches left in New Orleans were there for the most part because Blanco and her cronies made a political decision to keep them there, and the police departments in New Orleans and the surrounding jurisdictions did more harm than good.

"That" for the good graces of Government.

"Anarchy" would be a far better alternative to the kind of "government" we tend to have at almost every level nowadays, because we've allowed the political classes to lull us into these false believe in their good will.

Give me a good ol' mean, rotten "corporate robber-baron" any day in preference to a d*mn useless Congressman, Senator, Judge, Governor or Mayor who sees me only as the means to secure their own fiefdoms.

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