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RE: Bill Polhemus

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>The fact that one might wish to rid the world of a criminal enterprise

>doesn't seem to enter into your thinking



if you are such a HERO why Don’t you start with with ridding the world of  HALIBURTON / CHENNEY / GEORGE W. ENTERPRISE. This team is the biggest criminal enterprise known to man. As a matter of fact this whole administration is one big criminal enterprise.


But I forgot, you don’ believe world domination by the neocons is criminal, its part of “the spreading of democracy”… and that makes it right.


But I betcha in the last election you voted for enterprise didn’t cha?



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Scott Maxwell wrote:


>Then why did you open your mouth?  After all, you have no problem

>attacking Democrats in your rants on this issue and calling them criminals


Yeah, I know it "smacks of politics to you" because EVERYTHING is "about

politics" to those on the Left.


The fact that one might wish to rid the world of a criminal enterprise

doesn't seem to enter into your thinking.


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