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RE: Bill Polhemus (can we please rename this thread)

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Scott Haan (not Maxwell) wrote: 

"There is another common mental disorder which afflicting people from
the 2nd biggest state = Texanism." 


As the noted liberal Democrat Governor, Ann Richards, once said:  "Don't
Mess with Texas."

At the very least, don't paint all Texans with the same stereotypical
brush.  Over the past week, Texas has absorbed more than 250,000 mostly
poor refugees from Louisiana.  We have them safely quartered in more
than 100 temporary shelters all over the state, have overwhelmed them
with free food and clothing, and are working to find them permanent
housing and jobs.  Their children are already attending Texas public
schools.  Many, perhaps most, have stated that they plan to remain
permanently in Texas.

Most of this effort is being undertaken by ordinary Texans, since nearly
all of our local Red Cross and Salvation Army volunteers and their
leaders left for Louisiana before Katrina arrived.  No other state has
shown anything remotely similar to this degree of compassion, not even
Louisiana.  How many refugees has your big empty state, Alaska, accepted
to date?

Please save your Texas sarcasm for some other time when those of us in
the Lone Star State are in better humor.  You know that we will give you
ample opportunity, we always do, it's only a matter of time.


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Naturalized Texan in Dallas 

Note:  The dictionary and the New York Times define refugee as "a person
who voluntarily leaves their home to seek refuge in another place."
Thus, I use that term without apology to Jesse Jackson or anyone else.

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