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RE: Bill Polhemus (can we please rename this thread)

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Now, Stan, you ask Scott (Haan) to be nice/fair, so you should be to.

It is only logical that most/many of the refugees (I ain't worried about
people complaining about such semantics) end up in the one of the states
that is closest to LA.  Not to mention that there are refugees who have
REFUSED to get on a plane to go to other state that have opened their arms
to them.  So, your comment about "no other state had shown anything
remotely similar to this degree of compassion" is rather disingenuous.
Plenty of other states have shown lots of compassion, so don't turn this
into a pissing match.

And while I have no desire to live in Texas, I ain't got nothing against
them (except that one of your schools bet my school in the Rose Bowl after
getting there cause the the crybaby coach whined enough <grin>).  In fact,
one of my best friends lives in the Houston area, so I usually visit at
least once a year (and no, it is not Bill - I think he and I would both
agree to the idea that we would have a hard time being friends...that is
something we could likely agree on <grin>).

Adrian, MI

On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> Most of this effort is being undertaken by ordinary Texans, since nearly
> all of our local Red Cross and Salvation Army volunteers and their
> leaders left for Louisiana before Katrina arrived.  No other state has
> shown anything remotely similar to this degree of compassion, not even
> Louisiana.  How many refugees has your big empty state, Alaska, accepted
> to date?

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