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Re: Bill Polhemus

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Kevin Polin wrote:


/>The fact that one might wish to rid the world of a criminal enterprise /

/>doesn't seem to enter into your thinking/


if you are such a HERO why Don’t you start with with ridding the world of HALIBURTON / CHENNEY / GEORGE W. ENTERPRISE. This team is the biggest criminal enterprise known to man. As a matter of fact this whole administration is one big criminal enterprise.

Halliburton's a d*mn good company. They've always been well though-of here in Texas, of course. Their only "crime" is having connections to the Bushes. In the mind of the Left, that's all that's needed.

(Wanna talk about Hughes Aerospace?)

And Messrs. Bush and Cheney have only ONE terrible crime to lay at their feet: They beat the **** out of the Dims twice running. That's it, in a nutshell. You won't find a single, solitary other thing to say about them--and I notice you didn't.

(Wanna talk about Loral Industries?)

I've noticed that all you ever hear from the Left are "vague allegations" about what Republicans do or have done. Often, they will boldly make claims about "impropriety" (such as in the case of Rep. DeLay) when they know full well their own people have done and continue to do the same thing, and that nothing illegal actually ever took place.

(Wanna talk about Mike Espy and Tyson Foods?)

To a Leftist, it is a "crime" merely being a conservative. That's all it takes. You're compared with Hitler (whereas the Clinton's Arkansas Mafia are a far better fit for that metaphor) and Pol Pot (a commie? What's up with that?) just for daring to believe in the principles and traditions of the Founders of this Nation.

(Wanna talk about Global Crossing?)

In the end, the Left has a lot to answer for: Failed social programs (Five Billion down the chuckhole for the "Great" Society), social unrest and intrusive government are just the tip of the iceberg. And their phoney-baloney "concern for the downtrodden" is just to laugh.

(Wanna talk about Air America Radio and the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club?)

Now, you'll notice that I just listed several REAL scandals and criminal doings, all connected to Democrats and all REAL, LIVE EVENTS, not just a bunch of innuendo and allegations with nothing behind them.

You, on the other hand, simply STATE that Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney and Halliburton are all "criminal enterprises." You have nothing to back up those allegations. There's no "there" there.

But that doesn't matter to you, does it? Because you've had ITAR/TASS on your side for decades in the guise of the Mainstream Media, so allegations are all you aever need, aren't they?

How sad for you that the New Media have come along to rock your world. And you don't even realize how badly you're bleeding.

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