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Don't Mess With... (WAS can we please rename this thread)

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:

At the very least, don't paint all Texans with the same stereotypical
brush.  Over the past week, Texas has absorbed more than 250,000 mostly
poor refugees from Louisiana.  We have them safely quartered in more
But haven't you heard, Stan?

According to "the Newspaper of Record," the NYTimes, Houston (for one) is just letting these people in so we can exploit them

I kid you not, the article is here:

It starts off most auspiciously: "No one would accuse this city of being timid in the scramble to profit from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina."

Sounds like our buddy Scott H. has been doing some ghostwriting, maybe.

(Oh, and as Austin Bay <> has discovered, the DOMESTIC CONSUMPTION article has been edited from that above, which is the "International" version--I guess the NYTimes knows its audience, eh?)

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