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Re: SE Grassroots Effort at Change (WAS: Field welding)

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On Sep 9, 2005, at 5:04 PM, Neil Moore wrote:

Well, we called it A514.
Pretty much the same stuff--A-517 is the pressure vessel quality.

Also good to become buddies with these guys so that they could call you to the shop and show you why your "little" project wouldn't go together, (and not tell your boss).
The weld shop relationship was truly a profound change for me, although my co-op experience was something of the same thing. Engineering students graduate with a great sense of separation form the skilled trades, which is too bad. There's nothing more effective than refining a design with the help of the people who will be putting the hardware together. For me, it meant a few hours of humiliation trying to run a weld bead, while everyone looked on in amusement, but it was worth it. In return I had no problem walking out to the shop and discussing fabrication issues whenever I wanted. Both the shop and I gained much insight out of it.

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