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Your Friendly Neighborhood Thugs (was: Bill Polhemus)

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

Ah, no.

It is your OPINION that they are a criminal enterprise.  While I don't
disagree that there are some things that "smell" pretty bad, I have yet to
see any convictions of any those that you named.

Al Capone had a list of "suspicious activities" as long as your arm. He frustrated law enforcement for years and years, before they FINALLY got him on a piddly "tax evasion" rap!

But everyone knew then as they know now, that he was the head of a criminal enterprise that stretched all over Chicagoland and well into other cities. He was a murderous thug, but he gave money to widows and orphans, and to the police benefits, and (most especially) to the politicians and the judges. The photographs of him with famous citizens of the day are legion (I particularly like the one where he's taking the kid out to a ballgame <> and gets an autograph the best).

The Democrat party is a criminal enterprise in the same vein. They have power and prestige; they own the lawyers and the politicians (h*ll, they ARE the lawyers and the politicians) that grease the skids, and they have the support of "upstanding" America-hating institutions like the ACLU.

So instead of going to jail as he ought to have done, Sandy Berger gets a $50,000 slap on the wrist for stealing and tampering with classified documents (in a typically criminal act--for the Dims--calculated to save face so that some of the writings of Richard Clarke don't get "discovered" by the 9-11 Commision. As if that would have made any difference; they spiked the Able Danger information so that Clinton's regime wouldn't end up with MORE egg on its face, why were the Clintonoids afraid that Clarke would be made to appear the liar that he was? As if anyone was going to allow it to make a difference...)

The Democrat Party is as dangerous a "secret combination" as any Illuminati dreamed up in the fevered imagination of a Conspiracy Theorist. But they have the ultimate protection: They built a whackin' big government bureaucracy that will always support and defend them against all comers. It's going to take a bloody revolution ever to set things to rights with those thieves and butchers in residence.

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