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Re: Field welding

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Scott Maxwell wrote:

And the fact that companies don't like to pay wages which keep people
above the poverty level...

I wonder if your family worries that you sound exactly the same now as when you were a self-important kid in high school.

I also wonder that you don't feel embarrassed spouting this nonsense. It's one thing to see the world in such simplistic terms when you don't know much about life. It's another to mutter these kinds of comments with a straight face well into adulthood--unless, that is, you're a Democrat running for office. Then you've got the "useful idiots" to keep in mind.

For the record: The poor in New Orleans are the victims of a century and a half of Democrat rule. They live in the squalor that the party of Huey "The Kingfish" Long and Edwin Edwards has provided for them for generations. They live in a city run by no one but Democrats, and they have no one but Democrats to thank for the pest-hole that it has always been (ever been in parts of N.O. outside of the French Quarter? You'd think you were in the poor section of Kingston, Jamaica).

Like the wonderful fifty-something black woman said on the Rush Limbaugh radio show a day or so ago: "You can bet those city buses were running on the day of the last election!" (I especially liked her comment about having "escaped from the plantation"--meaning the Democrat party).

Democrats ruin everything they touch. And, like an abusive spouse, they keep their victims down by having them believe that without them, they wouldn't even get the puny assistance check they depend on every month.

THAT'S what's kept the poor in N.O. where they still are--that, and the fact that the city's buses remained PARKED on August 29.

BTW, did you know the Red Cross STILL TO THIS DAY has not been allowed into N.O. to render any aid?

If I were you, I think I'd shut right up!

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