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Cakes for eating and having(not so off - topic)

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I am reproducing what I posted in the
steel-detail(--nospam--at) list this weekend in
response to a query on "Snagit".
I hope you find this useful.
G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India.

Ref: Anyone using "Snagit"? 

I use "Paperless Printer"

It's similar to Fineprint's pdf factory.
It sets up another printer on your computer which you
can choose while printing from any Windows
The difference is that you don't have to live with the
"printed with pdffactory" at the bottom.
Moreover this prints to Word, Excel, Jpg and pdf
formats unlike pdf factory which generates only pdf

Here is an extract from a description of this utility.

Paperless Printer®  (9.2 MB)
Publish any document in these formats- PDF, HTML, Word
 and Exel, JPEG or BMP, preserving the original look
and content, complete with fonts and graphics

You can download this from:

Paperless Printer is also "Dollarless"
I said this before.
I will say it again.
Some of the best things in life are free.

There are other "cutilities" I use.

I recently downloaded LS.exe
This is a File list generator (just 49 Kb)

Use this to generate a list of files in a folder.
The program prints out a text file listing the
directory contents.
Much like Dos used to do.
Remember Dos?
Remember Dir > outputfilename.prn?
It works similarly with a lot of fancy options.
Here is an extract from a description of this utility.
File List Generator  (49 KB ) - This utility can
collect details of path, folder name,file name,
extension, file size, and save date, related to all
the files and sub folders located under a specified
path and provide a customized list as well.
Download at

What's the use of this some of you may wonder.
I will tell you.
When I ship dwgs I use this to generate a list of
files that I am sending and cut and paste this in my

In the olden days, we used to go hunting or fishing.
In my increasingly rare free time, I  indulge in cyber
hunting and fishing occasionally.
If I'm in luck I come up with a cute and pretty catch
directly relevant to my work and boast about it to
everyone like I am doing now. Most of the time no one
is listening.  
I have never exaggerated the size of my catch.
There is a lot of free junk floating in cyber space
and one needs to be choosy.

These cyber cakes are great.
You can have them and eat them too.
You can share them  and still have them and eat them.

That's enough for this weekend.
I will keep the list informed about my fishing and
hunting successes.
If you share my interest in these freebies, do write
to me privately or better still post publicly on this

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