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Re: ITEM: "A Barrier That Could Have Been"

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I believe the environmentalists concern was that, by channeling the river and the flooding, it was reducing the land mass of the delta, lowering the natural barrier to storm surges, and drying out the bayou's was increasing the temperature over the land which keeps the storms from dissipating more rapidly when they get over the land.
It's probably way past time that we, as engineers and caretakers of the land, should be considering the global repercussions of our decisions and designs. Just because we can do it does not mean we should.
Injecting political thinking into our engineering decisions only tend to blind our peripheral vision. Maybe keeping an open mind and considering all the possibilities and solutions and the results of such is a "leftist" way of thinking but, in the long run, it should prove to be the best and most economical approach.
Macie, P.E.