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Re: Field welding

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Joseph Grill wrote:

I think I would prefer a greeter (sp?) at Wal Mart. You might have to do a little work at McD's.

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I suppose there is always the minimum wage job at McDonalds (hey, free
food though right?) or Walmart.

FWIW, I don't believe that Wal-Mart has any "minimum wage" jobs, unless maybe they're part-time night-shift jobs doing things like loading the dumpster.

Their associates all make a buck and a half to two and a half dollars above minimum wage, to start (source: Daughter who's worked there for the past three years).

If you "stick" with Wal-Mart, and show promise, you're booted up into the realm of lower-tier management, and their salaries and benefits and opportunities for advancement are really quite good.

There's a reason why Wal-Mart workers tend to be rather loyal.

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