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Re: ITEM: "A Barrier That Could Have Been"

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ECVAl3(--nospam--at) wrote:

Maybe keeping an open mind and considering all the possibilities and solutions and the results of such is a "leftist" way of thinking but, in the long run, it should prove to be the best and most economical approach.

NO, exactly the opposite.

Leftists see EVERYTHING through the prism of politics.

In Leftists societies, where they actually run things, like in the old Soviet Union, every institution was possessed of a "political commissar" (in the "civilian" sector) or a "political officer" (in the military). There was and is nothing, to the Left, that is NOT political.

That's why EVERYTHING from the Iraq war (which made far more sense than going to war with Nazi Germany ever did in terms of American national interest) to Hurricane Katrina has the Left scrambling for a foothold from which to denounce, denounce, denounce, denounce.

"The Daily Koz" (whose "owner" famously said of American troops dying in Iraq: "Screw 'em!") has called Katrina "a Political Perfect Storm." That sums up the thinking of the Left, right there.

No, considering the truth, and trying to take an objective view of events and things, is as far removed from the Leftist POV as one can get.

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