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Bill Polhemus wrote:

It's been a long time since I've fooled with STAAD, but it seems to me that the "OpenSTAAD" thing was kind of an abortion. It was never very well documented, and when first released it was no better than a "beta" grade attempt. As far as I know there was never any attempt to clean it up further.

FWIW, it appears I was wrong.

OpenSTAAD is now at the 2.6 release level, and is supposed to be
awesome--according to REI.

I retract my earlier statements, then--except to say that I don't see
the advantage of OpenSTAAD for geometry, since it doesn't really need
the processing power of STAAD in order to accomplish fancy mesh
generation. In fact, if I were to predict, I'd say that using STAAD as
the engine for this would result in a very slow generation routine.
Meaning no offense, but the guts of STAAD is old code; it has been
around since the pre-"microcomputer" days, and was developed for, e.g.,
PDP-11 running UNIX, IIRC.

I would still venture to guess that a preprocessor using one of the many
open-source engines, and geared to output STAAD code (perhaps via DXF)
would be a better (read "faster") way to go.

Take a look at these to see what I mean:

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