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Re: Flex-C Trac

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I took a look at the product & IMO it is meant to be used as a curved bottom plate & curved top plate.  Also to form a curved vaulted ceiling; continuous curved joist hanger

When the product is curved it can accept joists or studs but I do not believe it can be attached to a curved wall for use as a ledger; it doesn't curve in that direction.

How about using a Simpson skew joist hanger?  Depending on the length of the curved section of the cmu wall, your diaphragm framing might have to get pretty creative.


On 9/10/05, Joseph Grill <jrgrill(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I hope I'm the only guy out there spending the first football weekend working.  I would hate to think we are all as crazy as some think.
I have a client that thinks this product "Flex-C Trac" can be used in a ledger type of situation where the track is formed to the inside of a radiused CMU wall.  I downloaded what I could, and it doesn't look as if it can be used in that type of structural application such as diaphragm attachments and anchor bolting.
Has anybody else out there been exposed to this product before?  It looks great for top and bottom tracks for curved non-load bearing walls though.