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Re: Field welding

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On Sep 11, 2005, at 6:46 AM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

There comes a time in every engineer's practice where he has to think of his own viability in contrast to that of the perpetually cantankerous (and often slow-paying) client.
I have to admit, I've told clients that there wasn't anything more I could do for them, and I've certainly turned down certain types of work because I thought it'd be more trouble that I was prepared to go to (and alibied to the client about my reason, I should be embarrassed to admit). Maybe in that sense I've 'fired' clients. But I think it's important that when I agree to do something, I do it as agreed, even if finishing the job isn't very comfortable.

Dropping someone who tries to pull a fast one, like refuse payment or drag me into something unsavory, may constitute 'firing,' but I figure it's more like divorce.

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