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Re: Bill Polhemus

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David Fisher wrote:


To say that to someone who comes from a military family ...
Put a sock in it.

I don't care if your grand-dad was McArthur.

I have not heard one, single, solitary COGENT argument from ANYONE why we should not be kickin' *ss and takin' names in Iraq.

It's one of the best things we've done since the day I was born.

Beats gettin' the **** blown out of us in Beirut, Yemen, Munich, WTC '93 and a thousand other places and times I could name, and doing NOTHING about it in return.

You tell me one good reason why we should have gone to war against Hitler, and every one of them will easily apply in the current situation.

The only thing we lack yet is to get over that **** Syrian border and blow **** out of the terrorist bases there.

And I guarantee you, for every pansy-*ss so-called "soldier" you can come up with whining about how he wants to come home, I can show you a dozen more who want to stay and finish the **** job--and some of them don't even have all the limbs they had when they left to go over there.

Pink panty-waist blather right out of the Students for Democratic Action playbook, 1970 edition, is just so much bull****.

Less than that, actually. Bull**** can actually be USED for something.

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