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Re: Bill Polhemus

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David Fisher wrote:

I also lost a good friend in Iraq in COMBAT earlier this year, you knuckle
head. If you like, I can give you the email address of his WIDOW and his
three young boys (3/5/8) so you can copy her on your infantile crap.
Ever see "Saving Private Ryan"?

You think the woman depicted in that film, who lost all but one son in World War II (yes, it was fiction. Yes, it happened multiple times--see "The Sullivan Brothers) was all cheery-eyed and stiff-upper-lip at the funeral?

War is hell. Death comes to us all.

My GUESS would be the widow you mention is proud of her husband even in her extremity.

If she isn't--if she thinks he was "stupid" and "died for Halliburton"--then she's a shame to his memory, and I hope she at least has the decency to shut up about it. I'm tired of "sunshine patriots."

And feel free to give her my email address, if you like. As I said before: I really do not care any more what anyone thinks of my beliefs or opinions.

If I didn't believe what I say, I wouldn't say it. And if I didn't at least have the courage to say them even to a woman who has lost her husband in this GOOD CAUSE, then I WOULD be the schmuck you try to make me out to be.

(N.B. If I were you, I'd certainly think twice about telling her that her husband died for some rich playboy's fantasy of one-upmanship. The real tragedy of this whole thing is that there are people like you slandering the good names of all these good men without a single thought about it. And that you don't even SEE how sorry-*ss you're being while you do it).

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