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Re: Bill Polhemus--["alarming"?]

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Possibly I'm a flippin' idiot.  That's not what I
interpretted from his comments.  Maybe it's like I
said in an earlier post, we all see what we want to
see.  But to me, the words should mean something, and
if we can't read and understand each other, then we
can't communicate.

John Riley

--- "S. Gordin" <mailbox(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Ralph,
> Sorry for not signing my post.  
> So, if I understand you correctly, you actually do
> not agree with the original statement  of "The
> current, real-time, discussions of events are at
> least as relevant to me as the Western Civilization
> courses I was forced to take in college."  
> History teaches that political apathy is as much
> dangerous as political extremism. Actually, the
> latter cannot survive without the former.  This is
> why this statement sounded so alarming. 
> Steve Gordin SE
> Irvine CA
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>   Subject: Re: Bill Polhemus--["alarming"?]
>   Interesting comment, "mailbox," and one that I
> feel obligated to respond to (recognizing that quite
> a few are getting pretty fed up with this whole
> subject. 
>   My comment was flippant and intended to indicate
> an interest in this discussion and its capacity to
> educate me in the various opinions of engineers bout
> NOLA/Katrina and that whole situation.  
>   Thinking a little deeper, as a result of your
> comment, I managed to have a few thoughts:  I
> understand your comment to cast aspersions on
> someone ("me") who apparently considers his Civics
> course education to be less than useful.  That
> really isn't true in my case, however I do feel that
> whatever I learned 44+ years ago must be balanced in
> importance with what I've learned since, in a
> lifetime of interest in politics, society,
> economics, etc., as well as engineering.  I am
> *very* interested in how NOLA and the rest of the
> region arises from its "ashes," how the rest of the
> country assists them, and how we all examine and
> learn from this situation.  Hopefully we will.  As
> someone else has said, "there's enough blame to go
> around."  
>   In that context I do feel that these current
> discussions--online, in the media, including the
> daily papers and especially the NYTimes (red flag!
> red flag! :)--are extremely important.  A couple of
> days ago I went out and bought 6 magazines that I
> don't subscribe to, just to read their
> coverage/evaluation of this situation.  So I affirm
> that I do consider the whole of these current
> discussions to be more important at the present time
> than the several civics courses I once took,
> although they certainly have contributed to my
> awareness of and involvement in current events. 
>   HTH,  Ralph
>   In a message dated 9/12/05 2:28:44 PM,
> mailbox(--nospam--at) writes:
>     An apparently sincere yet quite alarming
> statement.  
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>     Subject: Re: Bill Polhemus
>     I agree!
>     In a message dated 9/12/05 12:19:57 PM,
> jpriley485(--nospam--at) writes:
>     The current,
>     real-time, discussions of events are at least as
>     relevant to me as the Western Civilization
> courses I
>     was forced to take in college.

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