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Re: Bill Polhemus

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Chance, Acie wrote:

Do not assume you know what other participants want. If I want you to speak for me I will tell you so or vote for you. As has been said before use the delete key


Rare PUBLIC show of support, eh?

Actually, I don't mind taking the heat for those who've emailed me privately to tell me they think I'm "right on."

I know how it is. These Lefties have been under the impression for YEARS that theirs is the "correct" view because they've had the public support of the MSM, Hollyweird, the "really cool politicos," etc. It's deemed "fashionable" to yammer on brainlessly about stupid, idiotic "liberal" principles (I use the "l" word advisably; it has "liber" as a root, Latin for "free," which is the ANTITHESIS of what these people are about).

They're time has LONG since gone, and they've failed to notice it because Dan Rather's still on their side. (Oops, we seem to have mislaid Dan...)

Anyway, as I've said before, the maunderings of Mike, David, et al, long sense have ceased to shame me, because I know how crack-brained their "ideas" are, and that there are now plenty of traditional Americans who see through them and are no longer willing to cede the battlefield of ideas to them.

So, bring it on, guys. Or, if you want to cease and desist, we can all get back on our heads.

'Sup to you.

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