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Re: Bill Polhemus

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Haan, Scott M POA wrote:

Since Bill is naturalized to Texas, it demonstrates that being a redneck it is not genetic.

I'm from Alabama originally, if that helps.

And as for talk radio: Sometimes I listen, mostly I don't. I actually get most of my information from the 'net, particularly the blogosphere.

And the problem with the Blogs, for the MSM, is that they aren't "mindless rants," but the last bastion of intelligent inquiry. They point out the REAL stories, link to them, comment on them. But the bare stories are there, and the MSM can't pull no wool over any unwilling eyes any longer as a result.

(N.B. Michael Savage isn't even "real". He's simply a commercial construct. Ever listen to him? He makes no sense, even if he's supposed to be "conservative." I don't think he is. He's nothing but schtick.)

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