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Re: Bill Polhemus (Mike Brown resigns)

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Well, I agree with Mike's request to remove this mouthpiece for the conservative right wing ideology from an engineering related forum. However, I do believe that there are relevant issues here that while not directly related to engineering, are related to our profession as a whole. The headline I just checked a minute ago was that FEMA Director just turned in his resignation. One has to only look at this guy's resume to see that he clearly did not deserve to be in this position to begin with, and whoever appointed him to that position has some explaining to do.

His resume was no better or worse than any Clinton appointee to that post.

FEMA should be abolished and the old CD network put back in place. The Feds have little business micro-managing disasters. These are state issues with sister-states lending support as necessary.

In the end, neither the Feds NOR the State of Louisiana will hold a candle to what is done by private citizens, private organizations, church and civic groups, etc.

The bureaucratic government mind-set is NOT to "help," believe me, but to "spend money." They are there to administer--jealously--their budget allotments.

In contrast, the hundreds of private civic groups, churches, service organizations, etc. are there FIRST AND FOREMOST to aid their fellow human beings.

The elevation of "Gub'mint" to a sort of "super Kiwanis Club" is a Leftist construct, one intended to try to coalesce ALL POWER over human life under one umbrella that they then have a good chance to control, by hook or by crook or vote fraud. Same thing with issues like "a woman's right to choose to murder her child," and "Universal health insurance."

In the end, it's NEVER about helping people, but about increasing the power of the bureaucracy. The Left LOVES that stuff.

You show me a government leader at ANY level who's willing, once elected, to walk through an executive office building in some capital somewhere, point at each individual in every office and say "you. I want a report of your job description, what you do, what you accomplish, on my desk one week from today. We're cleaning house," and THEN I'll show you a "politician" who will have my loyalty.

The irony is that government under Bush has grown, just as it did under Clinton. The budgets swell and swell, the spending goes on and on forever. And all we hear from the Left is "Oooh, we gave 'em a tax cut! EVIL!" (never mind that revenues promptly went UP as a result, as they usually do when the tax burden is relieved).

Brown disgusted me for one reason and one only: He sent a memo around to his department heads saying "whatever you do, don't do anything that will make us look bad." But getting rid of him is just cutting off one of a several hundred heads of the Hydra.

The rest are still intact, and as venomous as ever.

(Now are you going to explain how the h*ll Mike Espy ever got given a CABINET LEVEL post?)

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