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Joe Grill wrote:

"Yes Mike, but then where does it stop? Maybe with Gail after

she has corrected your punctuation or spelling one too many times, or

maybe with Dennis after a long letter concerning universal healthcare,

or maybe you just don't like the questions somebody submits. Use your

delete key."

Yeah, I know, it's a slippery slope.  But I still think the list needs a little oversight.  And the problem with the delete key is that, in digest mode, it's all or nothing.  Three or four OT posts on the same lame topic, fine--I'm happy to scroll past and get on to something useful.  But this is consuming over half the bandwidth.  It's too much.  And in acknowledgement of my contribution to the problem, this will be my last post on Bill.  At least, this week.

Chance, Acie wrote:

> Do not assume you know what other participants want. If I want you to

> speak for me I will tell you so or vote for you. As has been said

> before use the delete key.

If I left that impression, I am sorry for it.  I don't assume anything of the sort; my comment was based on observation of the responses on the List.

I'm not running for anything, least of all List Police, so while I appreciate the idea of your voting for me, don't worry about it.

One last comment:  the two most interesting things on yesterday's digest were someone's autoresponse to Paul Feather's very polite request to turn off his autoresponse; and the beaver dam story.  Pretty pathetic for a list like this.  No offense intended to those few who actually did engage in technical discussion; you've obviously bested me thus far.

Mike Hemstad