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Re: Valley Rafters

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Actually my own house has a similar condition.  2x4 valleys (and hips), and although it survived Victoria's 1996 snow storm (beats me how - had 8' of drift snow cantilevered out 2' on the lee eaves - maybe that's why), I looked again the other day, and sure enough (long-term) deflection in (all) the rafters.
My case stands!
BTW, as an aside, I have had a couple instances where I have "proven" that pitched roofs do sag/splay.  1 where the gable roof eaves was 3' above the tie-in attic floor, and 1 where the roof was a  cruciform (4 wings), which you would think would be "stable".  With the 1st one, the top of the wall had splayed out about 3", and in the 4-wing example, a 2x4 construction prop (about 14' high) at the common centre peak was deformed out of plane by about the same.
Go figure :^)

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When I first started on my own in 1988, I was asked by a home owner
to look at a sagging roof.  The house was approx 16 years old and he
suspected a heavy snow caused it.  I went there and crawled up in the
attic to find it was stick framed and the valley "beam" was a 2x4
spanning 23'. Enough said.  I now check valley beams regularly.