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RE: slab on masonry

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Thank you Paul,
This has been my approach in the past, but...  
The wall is actually seeing "some" moment and I suppose I was just being a bit cautious.
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The masonry is not really stiff enough to act as a fixed connection, and if you did consider the connection fixed you would exceed the moment capacity of the wall section in a hurry.
We typically design the slab as pinned at the wall, then incorporate top steel (extended leg dowels) with the shear transfer reinforcing to mitigate any incidental cracking and provide a little extra moment capacity for the wall.
Not exactly scientific, more of a partial envelope solution.  We also try and minimize / balance end span length adjacent to the walls, as this makes the slab more economical and limits the rotation at the slab / wall connection.
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Subject: slab on masonry

When supporting an elevated concrete slab on masonry walls, in the out-of-plane direction, what percent do you consider the slab fixed to the wall?

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