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Re: Tip for those in digest mode.

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G.V  try gmail.  I love it for this type application.  It puts emails in folders based on subject.  If there are subjucts OT that do not concern you, then archive the folder and it is stored and appended when the next email arrives with the same subject.

Best thing is the disk space is on gmail's server and not on mine!

Ron Hill

On 9/14/05, G Vishwanath <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Here is a tip for those in Digest Mode like me.
Scott wrote:

As to those in digest mode (per Mike's comment), yes,
you cannot easily delete "offending" messages...but
you can just as easily scroll past  them until you
reach the end of the digest message and then delete
the whole thing.

Scrolling past long threads each with a tail
consisting of the previous post on the same thread
used to be a chore.

Here is a tip.
I use Yahoo mail.
I go through the list of threads at the top.
Most often there is a mix of threads I want to read
and those I don't want to read.
These threads  don't appear bunched together.
They alternate, or are interrupted by some other
I am not certain whether I want to read them.

I type Ctrl F
The FIND dialog box pops up.
I type "Message:" in the space provided under Find
I then click on Find next.
I am now able to skip the entire post if I am not
interested and jump to beginning of the next message
Repeated clicking on Find Next enables me to wade
through all the off topic threads that I don't want to

(However sometimes I find myself reading only the
off-topic threads and skipping the pearls of technical
wisdom from On Topic contributors. Does it happen to

In no time I have finished going through the entire

My experience on other lists is that Off Topic threads
usually die an early death if simply ignored the
first time they appear.
They linger on due to responses from others.
Try ignoring an off-topic post.
Let no one respond.
The poster will be stunned by the deafening silence.
He will quietly retreat.
An incorrigible off-topic poster craves attention.
Agreeing with him flatters him.
Disagreeing with him disappoints him.
But ignoring him will be devastating for his morale.
His disease will be cured instantly.
I know because I was afflicted once.
Bill, when you wish to let off steam, try writing to
me privately.
I will respond.
Or you could try "blogging" if you are sure you can do
justice to it.

I was worse than you on the steel-detail list, before
I got publicly pulled up for being a "list polluter"
and a "nuisance from overseas".
I am truly cured of this malady.
I announced on the list that I would be writing  on
off topic subjects to a private list of about 50
international friends who welcome them and who have
told me so.
The rest of the list members heaved a collective and
huge sigh of relief that I could hear across the

G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India

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