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RE: Bill Polhemus... brainwashed

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>His ally, Al Qaeda, bombed us several times (WTC '93, Al Khobar, U.S.S.

>Cole, WTC '01).

Bill, I know you are brainwashed now. You know darn well there was never any proof that Saddam was in collusion with Al Qaeda, Just another fabrication of the bush administration to go to war. This whole war in Iraq was one big fabrication of lies.


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Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:


>Because Hitler declared war on the US first, right their

>ally Japan bombed Pearl Harbour.


Saddam declared war on us numerous times over the past ten years,

shooting at our aircraft and attempting to assassinate one of our former



His ally, Al Qaeda, bombed us several times (WTC '93, Al Khobar, U.S.S.

Cole, WTC '01).


Your turn.


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