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RE: Leveling Nuts

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Without commenting on the specifics of this case, as a person supervising plan check operations, I couldn’t agree more with what Paul is saying. The plan check engineers sometimes get carried away with their comments and ask for items well beyond what code requires. Design engineers should always ask for a second opinion from a supervisor when they feel they are being asked for something that is not clearly spelled out in the code. And, don’t feel that may create a problem for the plan checker or that they will retaliate against you, normally that does not happen.


Ben Yousefi, SE

Santa Monica


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This is ignorant.  Have him/her specify where in the building code this is required or provide a stamped letter (professional stamp, not city) directing this requirement.


Requirements like this exceed the purview of a plan reviewer.  They are to review the plans for code compliance, not direct engineering or means and methods of construction for the project.  If they want to be the EOR, then find their own project to design.



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Subject: Leveling Nuts


I have a plan reviewer telling me that if I allow leveling nuts, I must specify that the column be leveled, shimmed, then the leveling nuts backed off before grouting. The erectors I have asked have never heard of this. Has anyone else? I assume the point is to keep the column from sitting on the bolts, but so what?


John L. Smart

Lindsey & Ritter, Inc.