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Re: Valley Rafters

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Many potential clients will think, "Why should I hire and engineer?  It's
just going to cost me more".  Perhaps I can explain why a structurally
designed roof is better, but I'll also have to deal with the contractor's
charge of "over-engineering" when costs are considered.  So, before I take
on a project that is principally Conventional Light Frame Construction, I
may tell the client, "You don't need me for this".  If I take the project,
I'll need to be able to justify where I've drawn the line between
conventional and non-conventional.

Well stated Nels.
If after I look over a project and I don't feel it needs to be an Engineered Design Project I tell the client.  If they ask why or why not about engineering I explain it to them.   
If they ask cost difference I ask about how they were planing on building the structure in the fist place. (Plywood at all exterior walls, trusses interior bearing etc.)
Engineering cost is usually
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA