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RE: Leveling Nuts >> Waterstops

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It is not standard local practice in Anchorage to install waterstops at the intersection of footings and walls for residential construction. I have seen them on some commercial construction and they are standard for utilidors up here. 


 Typically a building inspector only has the authority to enforce local ordinances.  If there is not an ordinance they have no authority to require it.  Also if they are not making everyone do it, they cannot make you do it – there is thing called the equal protection clause in the constitution. 


I like Cowboy Bill normally take the 17th off to celebrate constitution day.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 4:47 PM
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Subject: RE: Leveling Nuts >> Waterstops


I always designate a waterstop at the joint on top of the footing in between the stem. Is your wall monolithic stem and footing? I think it’s good practice for basement retaining walls.




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What if the code or local code says you need a water stop at the bottom of a basement wall?  I would ask for a code section.


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On a similar (ignorant) vein, I have a city building inspector *requiring* that a waterstop be installed at the bottom of a new residential concrete basement wall.  I resisted but the homeowner/contractor has asked me to not stall the project.  I totally agree with Paul; the inspector should be out building his own project instead if inserting his desires into mine.


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This is ignorant.  Have him/her specify where in the building code this is required or provide a stamped letter (professional stamp, not city) directing this requirement.
Requirements like this exceed the purview of a plan reviewer.  They are to review the plans for code compliance, not direct engineering or means and methods of construction for the project.  If they want to be the EOR, then find their own project to design.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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John L. Smart
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 9:04 AM
Subject: Leveling Nuts

I have a plan reviewer telling me that if I allow leveling nuts, I must specify that the column be leveled, shimmed, then the leveling nuts backed off before grouting. The erectors I have asked have never heard of this. Has anyone else? I assume the point is to keep the column from sitting on the bolts, but so what?
John L. Smart
Lindsey & Ritter, Inc.