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Re: Bill Polhemus - there is a choice

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Bill Sherman wrote:

Subject: RE: Bill Polhemus
From: "Sherman, William" <ShermanWC(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>

While I try to be tolerant of occasional off-topic posts (and I
sometimes even contribute!), I agree that limits have to be set when
someone cannot seem to control their off-topic postings or are insulting
to other list members.  I do not agree that "pressing the delete key"
should be the only option when such postings become excessive.=20
But rather than posting your opinions here, if you feel that a list
member is abusing their privileges on the listserver, I recommend
sending an email with your concerns directly to the list administrator


Depending upon the number of complaints, the administrator can then
determine whether action needs to be taken.=20

William C. Sherman, PE
(Bill Sherman)
CDM, Denver, CO
Phone: 303-298-1311
Fax: 303-293-8236
email: shermanwc(--nospam--at)


For years I've suggested coding the posts to make it easier to sort and organize the topics. However, the online community decided they did not want the work of doing this. SEAINT does not seem to have the time or abiity to organize the lists into "topic specific" so I went on my own and created nearly thirty different lists. Most of you think that this requires a great deal more time on your part, but it does not. Like the SEAINT list, the Structuralist.Net lists will keep track of your lists and send you a monthly reminder. The trick is to keep your user name and password the same for each list and then once a month you authomatically receive a reminder which lists you belong to and the user name and password. This is private and is only sent to the e-mail account that you subscribe from. You can take your posts as they come in or in digest format. You can also go to the Listservice and temporarily place your listservices on hold for vacation or a break. I moderate the lists - as I belong. If the discussion is off-topic then it is to be sent to the off-topic listservice. The best part of this idea is that everyone (even Bill :>)) is invited. If the contributer is off track then he or she receives a warning, next time a suspension and third time is removed from the list.
I have an excellent record to prevent span from entering the site. The one time it happened, the perpetrator subscribed and when another member brought it to my attention I responded.

Ask the peope who subscribe to the IES Visual Analysis Listservice. This is one of the most active lists on the Structuralist.Net and it has done very well.

If you are interested in receiving a list of my discussion listservices, let me know. Most are posted on my website but I am increasing the number of lists as users decide they want something different. Let me know what you are lookin for and i"ll post it, but I do ask that you participate on the List to keep the information flowing.

Personally, I would not prevent people like Bill from their right to speech. However, on a moderated site there is a place for it and I would simply require Bill to take it to the other list and he is free to go as far as he wants. I even tend to get into some of these discussion - but they remain " Off_topic(--nospam--at) ".

Dennis S. Wish, PE

PS. I've been working slowly on a new website (including the design) and will post it soon. Whatever information you ask for now will be embedded in the new site as time permits. It's a neat page that simplifies much of the clicking from page to page but I want to introduce it when I have sufficient information on the web and don't plan on updating the current list at this time.

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