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RE: Questions re: Doors & Windows

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1.	In a large industrial building (not mine), a large truck door
panel buckled in a high wind.  When I reviewed it, the door did not
meed code loading requirements.  The door supplier and manufacturer
both maintain that the door does not have to meet the code as it is
not part of the building.  The code says building accessories and
components must meet code requirements.  Lots of argument ensued.


Interesting. What do you do with a high speed high door in a refrigerated 
food warehouse? They may have a steel roller for when no-one is actually 
working in the warehouse, but for the time they are, the high speed door, 
which may also have a break-away feature, is just there to keep the breeze 
and heat out and the cold in. Many of those operations are round the clock. 
Do you design as if there is no door at all, just the opening?

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