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Re: Effective Width for Steel Plates - AISC FAQ and other perspectives

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On Sep 15, 2005, at 2:52 PM, Gale45man wrote:

4.8.1. When a stiffening element is attached to a
plate, what width of plate is effective in resisting
load with the stiffening element?
The variety of answers you're getting depends on the problem. If the problem is flat plate buckling the effective width allows you to correct for support offered by the plate edges. For pressure vessels the effective width corrects the calculation which assumes pinned boundaries of the shell to reflect the elastic support offered by the ribs. Another effective length corrects for shear lag in wide flanges. There's an effective width in the ASME Code provisions for rectangular vessels which includes the additional stiffness of relatively short stiffener spacing. When you start picking 'effective something-or-other' out of a book make sure you're allowing for the proper effect.

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