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RE: Masonry Column, Ties Required?

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You should consider designing them for vehicle impact of at least 6000lbs acting 18” above grade.


I believe the least dimension for a concrete beam or column is 12” per code, so I wouldn’t classify it as a column.





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I have an equipment yard with 16" brick columns (4" brick around perimeter with an 8" solid grouted  core). They are about 9ft tall and at 10ft spacing with a nearly solid metal fencing between them. The only axial load the pilasters are taking is their own self weight.


Are ties required?  It appears ACI 530 requires ties for "columns" no matter if they are taking vertical load or not. The "columns" seem to be acting more like cantilevered beams to me. The wind shear is only about 1400 lbs at the base of the columns.




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