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Time For A Break

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Although it's been great fun to joust with the "best" the Left has to offer on SEAINT, I find it is time to take a very long break from posting.

First of all, my family responsibilities are rather intense now that our three grandchildren are in permanent residence. Also, I'm starting a new job, about which I'm very excited, on the 26th of this month, and I don't need the temptation that SEAINT offers while I'm in this "settling in" period.

Third, I think my presence has become a distraction to too many others who spend many, many hours and and major kilobytes expounding on how I ought to be ashamed of myself for taking all this time and bandwidth with off-topic posts (which were originally responses to the just-as-off-topic posts of others, if you'd care to check the archives).

Someone pointed out that I've gotten rather angry. They're right, but the reasons are not germane here--though I appreciate the good thoughts of those who thought enough of "the other fellow" to bring it up.

Therefore, so long, see ya, and thanks for all the fish.

I will certainly be sure to "lurk" by perusing the archives from time to time.


Don't bother showing me the way out. I'm PRETTY SURE that the instructions for un-subbing are right down there at the bottom of every single message somewhere...

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