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RE: Leveling Nuts

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That was not my experience back when I was on the business end of a spud wrench. We had projects which had leveling nuts, but you rarely had enough grout space to accommodate the plate washer (for the oversize base plate holes), the thickness of the nut, and the tolerance in the concrete elevation. The base plates also did not generally have sufficient thickness to accommodate the local bending for large gravity loads.

The shim stacks were faster, safer, and easier for our applications. The last I knew, this was still the standard for LPR steel erection in Colorado. Rocky Turner of LPR contributed to the OSHA Subpart R for steel erection.

Harold Sprague

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All of our erections crews want and use leveling nuts. We detail to accomodate leveling nuts and on a rare occasion, send shim packs to the field. We detail leveling nuts whether they are called for on the plans or not.

Davis Parsons
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Irwin Steel
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As a former iron worker, I do not like leveling nuts.  Most iron workers
will not use them even if you show them. The preference is to use shims and
wedges and nuts with plate washers on the top of the base plate only.

That said, if you choose to use them, there is no justification in what the
plan checker is asking.  What he is trying to do is get the grout to take
all of the compression without loading the bolts in compression. The answer
is so what if they do take a measure of compression.  It will not have a
major impact on the performance.

Harold Sprague

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>Subject: Leveling Nuts
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>I have a plan reviewer telling me that if I allow leveling nuts, I must
>specify that the column be leveled, shimmed, then the leveling nuts backed
>off before grouting. The erectors I have asked have never heard of this.
>anyone else? I assume the point is to keep the column from sitting on the
>bolts, but so what?
>John L. Smart
>Lindsey & Ritter, Inc.

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