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Re: Masonry Column, Ties Required?

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ACI 530 defines a columns as "an isolated vertical member whose horizontal dimension measured at right angles to its thickness does not exceed 3 times its thickness and whose height is greater than 4 times its thickness".  It doesn't say anything about load.


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Subject: Re: Masonry Column, Ties Required?
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Yeah thanks, but I already knew all of that. My concern is ACI 530's defiinition of a column and what the plan checker is going to expect. If the arch dwgs say "column", it looks like a column,  and ACI's definition of a column does not mention axial load, then he will expect ties to go in no matter what you and I consider to be a column. I am looking for something in ACI I may have missed that let's me treat it as a beam, by code. If you look at ACI's definition of a column, it does not mention loads taken. And what I have, would be included in the definition.


I don't have a copy of ACI 530 but I know ACI defines column as a member with a ratio of height to least lateral dimension of 3 or greater used primarily to support axial compression.
 A structural member might be oriented horizontal (beam) or diagonally but when it is subjected to axial load then it should be treated as column. And vice versa, the fence column should not be treated as column but a beam because it is subjected more to flexure than axial. 
A S Quilala Jr., P.E.

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