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Re: Leveling Nuts

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According to the commentary of AASHTO's standard for
highway signs, luminares, and traffic signals (4th

"Compressive load from the base plate should be
supported directly by the leveling nuts.  Fuchs et al
indicates that in practice, many base plates are
placed on a grout bed...a grout failure may occur
before any other type of failure."

The implication seems to be that at ultimate, the
bolts end of taking most of the load least
for this type of structure and loading.

Perhaps also of interest...

"The bolt stress may be calculated using the equation
N/A + Mc/I where A and I are properties of the bolt
group.  Experimental work (Kaczinski et al) indicated
that this procedure is valid provided that the clear
distance between the bottom of the leveling nut and
top of foundation is less than one bolt diameter."

It would be interesting to know what sorts of
configurations they studied.

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