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RE: floor live loads

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See below…





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Subject: floor live loads




UBC Table 16-A lists some general live loads.


What would you use for the following?

·         restaurant - dining room 100 psf (IBC Table 1607.1, ASCE 7 Table 4-1)

·         restaurant kitchen We typically use 100 psf… the non-mandatory Commentary to ASCE 7 recommends 150 psf)

·         restaurant - buffet area 100 psf (same as restaurant)

·         cafe 100 psf (same as restaurant)

·         community - living room 100 psf (allow for assembly-type occupancy)

·         community - activity room 100 psf (allow for assembly-type occupancy)

·         fitness room 100 psf

·         movie / chapel room depends on fixed seating or not… 60 for fixed, 100 for not fixed

·         mail room 125 psf (assume for storage of mail)

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