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RE: floor live loads

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If the UBC doesn't give me very defined loads, I go back to the ol' ASCE 7 and see what thye have.  Now, I don't have my IBC with me right now, but from the ASCE 7, I would go with these numbers:
Restaurant - Dining Room = 100 psf  (public room)
Restaurant - Kitchen = 150 psf (use actual weight of equip. if greater; Kitchen other than domestic)
Restaurant - Buffet Area = 100 psf (use actual weight of equip. if greater, Assembly area)
Cafe = 60 psf for fixed seats, 100 psf for movable seats (Assembly area)
Community Living Room = 100 psf
Community Activity Room = 100 psf and check design for vibration (gymnasium)
Fitness Room = 100 psf to 250 psf (are we talking stationary bikes or weight lifting equipment, check the equip. your using)
Movie/Chapel Room = 60 psf (fixed seatin), 100 psf (movable seating)
Mail Room = 80 psf (File room, Letter), but look at this with a subjective eye.  This would be the min, but it could be higher depending on traffic and loading.  Verify with equipment and anticipated occupant load.
That's what I would be looking at.  Is this senior housing???  If it is, you can take a 25% reduction in load due to reduced size and weight of the elderly when compared to the average individual.  *grins*  Just kidding.  But the loads, I believe, would be good.  I would get it reviewed by your building official before pressing forward.  That way, you get the pre-OK before submitting plans, just so there are no surprises when you go to permitting.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming
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UBC Table 16-A lists some general live loads.
What would you use for the following?
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