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RE: floor live loads follow-up

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 It is senior assisted living...good guess! " 
I actually just got done with one of these designs.  I found myself justifying my load requirements to the architect because he thought my framing might have been on the heavy side.  That putz.  He figured that it should have residential loading across the board, and that's not how I roll.  And that is why I recommended you go and talk with the building official after you get your loading figured out and have a sit down with them to go over it.  That way, you are actually discussing the matter with the person who makes the calls, and not the one looking for the cheapest construction.
As for determining live loads, I have found that the '97 UBC and the ASCE 7 lists pretty much go hand in hand.  If you don't find what you are looking for in the UBC, go and check the ASCE 7.  And if you still don't find EXACTLY what you are looking for, you have to make some educated guesses.  Good luck.
Dave Maynard, PE
Gillette, Wyoming