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RE: Journalist query: New Orleans levee/floodwall breaches

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I will post a link to my article once it appears.



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John, thank you very much for actually *researching* the situation, so that you end up with an accurate understanding.  Could you give us a link to your article(s) when it/they are published?

Unfortunately this isn't my area of structural engineering, so I can't help you.

Ralph Hueston Kratz
Structural Engineer
Richmond CA USA

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I am a reporter for The Times-Picayune of New Orleans. I am researching the engineering issues raised by the structural failures in several canal floodwalls in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina (and the ongoing problems with Hurricane Rita) and am seeking expertise/input from structural engineers and other scientists with expertise in the area of materials science.
Trying to develop a deeper understanding of the forces that would have been acting on floodwalls with high water in the canals, various failure dynamics, etc.
Any help/references appreciated.
John McQuaid
The Times-Picayune, New Orleans
Washington bureau
1101 Connecticut Avenue NW s. 300
Washington, DC 20036