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RE: Design Loads on Trellis

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From: "Gautam Manandhar" <Gautam_Manandhar(--nospam--at)>
To: <seaint(--nospam--at)>
Subject: RE: Design Loads on Trellis


What are the design loads on a trellis besides the dead load and a live =
load of 10 psf (treating it as a ceiling??).  What is the process of =
designing for lateral load since it does not have a diaphragm to distribute=
the load to the supporting vertical members.



I generally consider the trellis will be covered in some kind of ivy or other plant materials that will act as a solid surface for wind. Therefore, I tend to compare the lateral weight of the structure at the unsupported edge; treating the columns as cantilevered columns for seismic shear, and then I compare it to the uplift that I might have from a gust of wind occuring below the trellis that would not displace the plant material - in otherwords - the trellis will, in time, become a covered roof with an uplift that you should consider.

Hope this helps.

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