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Re: Design of Glass as a Walking Surface

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I would guess that you could get some of the physical properties of the glass and design for the loading for flexure and "deflection."  You'd have to guess that glass is somewhat "brittle," so there probably won't be much deflection of the section. 
The only other thing I can think of is the use of Lexan/plexiglass that is at the top of The Palms casino in Las Vegas that looks down to the street below at that Sky Bar/Liquid/Aqua bar there...  (I could search for the name of the place, but at the advanced age of 32, I'm just not too hip on technology (not really), let alone the names of hot spots in Vegas (kinda, sorta...) :-(    How sad is that...?)
Good luck.

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Subject: Design of Glass as a Walking Surface
I need some ideas about designing glass as a beam to support a
walking surface. Any ideas and or references?
Joseph Harouni
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