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RE: Question of Ethics

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Is all fair in love and war?


Did any of these companies provide exclusive engineering agreements with his previous employer? Did he sign a document that prohibits him from contacting clients that he made contact with at that firm?  


If he feels that he can provide higher Quality, Service, and Price, it would be unethical for him NOT to solicit he previous contacts. That’s part of business.


If he was just starting out and he cannot provide higher Quality, Service, and Price then it would be unethical for him to contact them and offer something that he cannot deliver...


I know one engineer that left his company and he was fine with soliciting smaller firms that do smaller projects, but he does not solicit the firms that do larger projects because he feels that it is unfair to his clients and I think that he his correct.


If he gets a call for a larger project he actually refers these people to his previous company.


In my opinion it is ok, its part of business…




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An engineer is resigning from their current employer and looks to either

enter the consulting field on their own, or go to work for another employer.


Where and when is there an issue of "stealing clients of the former

employer" and a violation of the Engineer's Code of Ethics?  I've read the

document and I can't seem to decipher the issue.  I just want to make sure

I'm clear about the situation for my integrity and protection as well as for

others who may be going through something similar.


Dave Maynard, PE


P.S. - I don't like legal documents like this that leave itself open for A

LOT of interpretation.


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