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RE: concrete on standing water

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Just shooting from the hip on this one, but won't the standing water effect the moisture content in the concrete???  And won't the effects of the changed moisture content change the mix design???  And won't the modified mix design, upon placement, have a potential to adversely effect the strength of the concrete???  And couldn't that potential strength modification possibly cause a structural failure or at the very least, poor concrete performance???  And, wouldn't the increase of water content in the concrete mix not meet your specifications for concrete on said project???  And wouldn't the standing water modify the soil's moisture content and likely not have it within your specifications either???  Oh, wait.  I forgot.  The contractor has done this plenty of times in the past.  That must me it's OK practice.
If it's me, I'm not letting this go, I don't care how much money he's losing per day.  Bottom line, the method of construction does not generally conform to the construction specifications.  If that doesn't make him happy, tell him to go to a higher authority, and then wish him luck in finding it.  *grins*  And any building official that allows this practice, well, I'll stop talking now.  I'm getting started on a tirade.
Dave Maynard, PE
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Subject: concrete on standing water

Can anyone comment on the appropriateness of placing concrete on saturated soil?  I have a contractor that is asking if he can pour his strip footings thru some 1” standing puddles.  Said he has done it plenty of times in the past…




Eli S. Grassley, PE